Alyssa Papachristos // Graphic Designer & Artist

Designing professionally for over five years—and as a hobby for fourteen—Alyssa Papachristos has Proven herself an expert in the area of art and design.

Premios Juventud:
Sweet Summer Night


Every year the Hispanic People's Choice Awards, or Premios Juventud, is one of the most anticipated events to come around. McDonald's always sponsors the after party with new items to entice celebrities and fans. This past year, McDonald's was featuring their breakfast items and asked the creative team on Eventus—a multicultural experiential platform—to execute a concept with the feel of Miami and summer nights. So, presented is Sweet Summer Night logo lock up and key visual adapted to invites, menus, step and repeats, and a 360 photo-op

Alyssa has a unique imagination and creates some of the most innovative things we have seen. She takes a fresh look at problems and identifies new ways to solve them.
— William Brennan, ACD



Like Birchbox and BarkBox, JoyBox is a special box delivered to you or others to bring joy throughout their day. You can customize any box to have any theme, or any random assortment of items. Choose anywhere from 3 item boxes, all the way up to twelve. Put a little splash of sunshine in a box, and spread it to your 10 year old niece, or grandparents in Florida—send as a care package to your son's college dorm, or to your elderly neighbor down the street.


Retirement Wine Labels

Wine etching labels done for three retiring employees of Advantage Solutions—Doug Smollan, Sonny King, and Milt Sender. Prepared using Adobe Illustrator from concept to production. The use of corporate spot colors were incorporated into the design, for a sleek and professional finish.

She is a constant contributor working at an extremely fast pace, which holds the team together



Various rendered displays that are produced all by hand in Photoshop, using assets provided by client, and anything that was accessible online for clients such as UniQlo, Clorox, and Avocados from Mexico and more.



An array of logo designs for internal and personal projects. All ranging from package design, events, and a digital entities. All developed using Adobe Illustrator with a thoughtful selection of different typefaces and custom illustrations to convey the meaning and identity of a brand.